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I'm living in Kagawa, Japan.
Kagawa is the smallest prefecture of Japan, and I think it has become a popular place in the art world.
most famous one is NAOSHIMA island. If you like Art and have a chance to come to Japan, you can't miss it.
Also, Setouchi International Art Festival (Setouchi Triennale) will start in March, 2013!

anyway, here is the traditional handi crafts of Kagawa. 'DARUMA Doll'

Originally, It wasn't so cute looking. It was an obsolete ornaments no longer use... 
but, Look at it!!! It turned into the POP art goods! I think it's great it has still traditional DARUMA scary face. Now, They are Pop, Weird, Cute, Traditional, Funny and Art. 
The number of traditional crafts industries has been decreasing. Maybe, it's time to Reborn. 

POP DARUMA :  http://zoudou.jp/products/p01.html
KAGAWA Art & Travel : http://www.my-kagawa.jp/special/artandtravel/en/

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