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The work ; wai photography

wai photography worked on a cover image of new album for Katsurumi who is a singer in Japan.
And, finally the CD is on sale !! So, I will share this image to Art Hub followers !

wai photography told me she imaged about "dining " when she heard songs and title of the new album LIFE. Why it's dining.... because all living things have to eat for their life. And especially people eat meal at dining in a house and sometimes that makes little story.
She thought a dining is very special place in a house and in a life.



Campbell soup? It says 'Candle'!

'HASAMI' Mug Cup

Japanese traditional Porcelain 'HASAMI' is actually American Vintage look!
I'm planning to buy some Mug Cup!!! Cool?

You can buy them Here. Rakuten Global
HASAMI web site: http://www.hasamiyaki.jp/

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