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The Japanese flip animation art

The Japanese flip animation "Friko (The Pendulum) by Tekken who is Japanese comedian ( but he is also flip animation artist). He used 1620 original pictures which were drawn by him for flip animation .
And he chose the music from Muse / EXOGENESIS PART 3 (REDEMPTION)  for the animation and put it on Youtube.

That was played three million times on Youtube and Muse knew about the animation video finally !  Muse was deeply impressed by the video on Youtube. So what does that mean ? The means that Muse would like to put  the video as an official music video for Muse / EXOGENESIS PART 3 (REDEMPTION) !!

I was wondering who could know the animation would be the official video clip for Muse / EXOGENESIS PART 3 (REDEMPTION), when the animation video was on Youtube.

Dreams come true :)

Here is Friko by Tekken /  Muse-EXOGENESIS PART 3 (REDEMPTION)

Other his flip animations. Well... Tekken looks funny, but his art isn't just funny, very moving people deeply..

"Tsunagaru" ( connect with ...)

"Kizuna" (Bonds)

Here is Tekken ! 


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    1. Thank you very much for the sweet comment , Paul! It's nice to meet you!
      We are trying to share Japanese art inspiration with this blog. glad to know you like our post!
      Thanks a lot!


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