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WASHI paper bag 'SIWA'

I'm into Japanese WASHI tape. I'm using them for my note, gift wrapping, label, and so on.
Lovely, useful, creative, and what else should I say. It's just so fun!
I think It's pretty neat, since they are made of paper.

And, I found paper bag 'SIWA' at the shop yesterday. wasn't sure it's OK to use for daily. (because it's paper!)

But, Look! You can put 6 bottles in that bag!

and, Cap!

Case. wooow cool!

It says "Heavy items can be placed inside. Has been tested for loads of up to 10kg.". Nice! Don't you think it's cool???
I want it!

SIWA  http://www.onao.co.jp/siwa/en/

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