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wai photography

Q1. Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do?
Nice to meet you everyone! I’m ‘wai’.
Mostly, my subject is Landscape, Street scene 

and Snapshot during a journey.
I do work for the family portrait as well.
My artist name ‘wai’ comes from my initials ‘Y’ and it’s also has meaning Water in Hawaiian language. Why Hawaii? Just because Hawaii is a my second home. (I lived in Oahu for a year.)
Also, water is essential for life. So, Camera is.

Q2. What motivated you to take the photos?
I don’t remember  clearly what happened at the first, but since I had bought kodak digital camera, I brought it to short trip every weekends. I took photo a lot and did upload them on internet. I got some comments,  judge, and response. That was enough reason to lead me to photography. after a year, I bought Digital SLR camera which is PENTAX ist DS2. Because, most of my fellow-travellers had this AA battery enabled camera. and also, I wanted to use pancake lens. After a little while, I have an opportunity to live in america for 2 years, I get absorbed in photography to take foreign country.

Q3. What is your subject? and Why?

As I said, Mostly, my subject is landscape.
Various element, something like  Atmosphere, Wind, Season comes together in a moment. It won’t never ever come back. I desire to cut a piece of the moment.
Originally, I like spending time alone in nature.
One day, I wanted to take the photos of ocean, and I had spent a day from 7 am to 5 pm!  I just kept pressing the camera shutter, desperately.

Q4. Which camera and lens do you use?

my cherished degital camera : canon 5D MarkⅡ
my favorite lens :  EF35mm F1.4L USM
my favorite film camera : SMENA8

Q5. Is there anything message through by your pics?
Well, Answer could be more than one. It may be in abstract way to say, though.
I think Photo is similar with detective story. No matter how, you can have imagine the background from a photo. I want you to enjoy that things. and that’s the reason why I don’ t have text for my photos.

Q6. What are you going to do next? any goals?

I‘m moving to Taiwan for my second stage. so I will more focus photography of life in Taiwan.


 wai photography

contact: info.waiphoto@gmail.com

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